What Our Parents Say

I enrolled my children in Life Moulders College in 2015 after a careful survey of some selected schools in the neighbourhood and I have no regret till date. I closely monitor the school activities and the curve of their academic excellence including their educational facilities keep rising to the satisfaction of many parents like myself. The Management of the school is very resourceful while the students are always positively engaged in activities that will broaden their horizon. Academically, both their past and current performances in competitions and external examinations put the minds of many parents at rest for a better, brighter and productive tomorrow for their children. With the daily growing profile of this great school, I can only recommend the College for thoughtful parents who are truly desirous of the best educational foundation which can deliver easy higher institution admission and subsequently transform their children to leaders of tomorrow in high places.

Life Moulders Schools, great citadel of learning, ladder to success and glory, school of all subjects, super school of super teachers, a school full of teachers and not cheaters, Password of WAEC, Bulldozer of GCE and Analgesic for JAMB. A school where nations are built to become great fathers and mothers of tomorrow. A light in the dark, the bright light at the end of educational tornado. A school full of talented teachers, dedicated and faultless instructors. A school where morals are taught and integrity protected. A home far away from home. You can come and have a tantalizing glimpse of undiluted education at Life Moulders, school of discovery.

I would like to thank the school from the bottom of my heart because the school is like a candle, which consumes itself to brighten the lives of the children/students.

I honestly recommend Life Moulders School to all friends and family. The school is very good, the members of staff friendly, they treat the students like their own. The teaching standard is very high. My children have improved in their reading and learning skill. The teachers are lovely to speak to. It is an institution that combines learning and moral for social development of our society.

The school is the best school I ever sent my children. They are disciplined and they take most of their time to teach the students.

We congratulate Life Moulders College on this year’s graduation and prize-giving ceremony and are glad to be part of it by divine arrangement. No doubt, Life Moulders is blessed with some of world’s best teachers. We brought Justice Adeyemi to Life Moulders through one of them. Our decision paid off as we later discovered that the previous school Justice attended merely wasted his time. The decision wasn’t easy for us financially and emotionally but, as we all know today, it was worth the trouble! We want to the Management and Staff of Life Moulders Schools for providing the enabling environment for learning and urge them to invest more in good teachers and learning facilities in all the subjects thereby bringing the best out of their students. We also want to encourage fellow parents to give their best to their wards’ education now because what you sow is what you reap. We see a bright future in our children! God bless our teachers! God bless Life Moulders Schools! God bless Nigeria!

Life Moulders is a great school. They teach the students well and the teachers are friendly. May God bless and take you higher.

I love the school because they are well organized and also, their teachers are like parents to the students. Life Moulders College has an impact on my children’s life due to their emphasis on godliness. Their Proprietor and Proprietress are wonderful and everything about them, physically, morally, is perfect.

The School is very good and teaching method is fantastic.

Life Moulders is a school you cannot doubt, just try it, you will not regret it. The best method of moulding young lives is what they are committed to.

The school with a vision that supersedes all other schools in the vicinity. March on to greater heights in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I wish all my children graduated from this school because it makes me proud of my daughter, who graduated from this school. She wrote her WAEC, NECO and JAMB once without any failure. My son also has improved tremendously academically, spiritually and socially. I give all glory to God and the teachers. Applaud!

Life Moulders is the school for quality discipline and integrity. The best place for a promising child.

It is awesome being in this great citadel of learning. I really appreciate God for bringing me across this great citadel of knowledge. The kids just came for the 2015 Summer Coaching and came back to tell me that they desire to go to this school. Despite the distance, we allowed them. So far so good, I have all reasons to appreciate God in their lives because there have been tremendous changes in their lives. I want to believe that being one of the parents with 5 kids in the school, I have them in all the sections of the school, and all are doing great. The one that makes me smile always is the baby of the house, Ireoluwa. I gave birth to him the first day the big sister started this school and the school has taken him over since then. When you sneeze, baby Ire will say, ‘bless you’. When you give him something, he will say, ‘thank you ma’. Big anty and Mummy crèche, thanks for all you have done in my family. To all the teachers they have passed through, I say, thank you all.

This is a school that truly mould lives with devoted and committed staff. In fact, it is a school to be proud of. Academically, they are excellent and morally, they are upright. I recommend both the Administrative operators, the Directors, the teaching and non-teaching staff, you are wonderful. Thank you all. May God Almighty always be in support of whatever plans you may be having ahead. You will never fail in all your efforts in Jesus’ name.