Every one of our parents is an essential part of our school life. We believe that students are more likely to make progress if parents and teachers work together in the best interest of the students. The partnership we enjoy with our parents plays a vital role in the overall well being of all students while under our care. Consequently, we have a termly forum which bring all parents together to discuss issues bordering on the school and the students. Also,  we provide many other opportunities throughout the school year for parents and the school to be in contact with each other through Parents Advice Evenings, Open Day, Reports, Newsletters, and the School’s Website.

Since all parents of pupils and students of Life Moulders are automatically members of the PTA, parents are welcome in school anytime if they wish to discuss any issue that is causing concern. However, we do request that parents call to make an appointment in advance. Also, the school may request the parents to come for discussions on a student’s progress or behavior whenever the need arises.