We operate with the maxim “ Leaders are made, not born”. Today’s youths are the ones to whom the baton of leadership will be passed in the nearest future. Consequently we give time to equip the young ones, irrespective of age, ability or circumstances with essential leadership skills for future leadership roles. We encourage them to participate in the various activities in the school and seek leadership roles. Opportunities include election into the prefects office and the Students Representatitve Council. A lot of students’ leadership potentials have been discovered as they have assisted the school in no small measure in the day to day running of the school.

We have a regular programme in the school tagged “Leadership Academy For Students”. It is a dynamic initiative of the school where leadership principles are taught and students presented with case studies that teach leadership practically.

We are very proud of our students who LMS as young adults equipped with the skills, qualifications, determination and confidence to succeed in life and make a difference wherever they find themselves.